‘’It is only the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps that has a 10,000 man strong team on Disaster Management which is a full Directorate in the Agency that mitigates both natural and man-made disasters in Nigeria.

Please, I humbly request for a thorough capacity building for the Agro Rangers to enhance their functioning in the discharge of their duties to the Nigerian state as 5,000 personnel is needed for take-off, but only 1,500 is on ground’’.

These were the passionate assertion and request made by the Leader of the Civil Defence, Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu, the Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, during the courtesy visit by the United States National Guard California, ably led by Adjutant General David Baldwin, at the NSCDC National Headquarters, Abuja.

The CG thanked the entourage for their timely visit, disclosing that their former visits was very fruitful as the Corps gained immensely, as within a space of two months a trailer load of equipment was given the NSCDC by the National Guard which was sent to the North East.

According to Gana, the equipment boosted the morale of the Officers and Men of the Corps in the service to their father land in the North East, as the equipment was put in very judicious uses.

The helmsman revealed that the NSCDC in thinking out of the box, set-up the Agro-Rangers squad, to protect the Agricultural Investors and would-be investors and also to contain in the field the problems that has persisted between the farmers and herders in Nigeria to ensure peace in the Agricultural sector as the Federal government is keen on the diversification of the economy. The establishment of the Agro Rangers as noted by Gana, is a catalyst in the support of the Federal government economic diversification policy.

The Chief Accounting Officer of the Corps disclosed further, that 5000 personnel is needed for the smooth take-off of the Agro Rangers Squad, but the Corps has only succeeded in training and dispatching only 1,500 personnel into the field due to paucity of fund to go full scale in making the 5000 strong man team ready, pointing out, that there is still a short-fall of 3,500 personnel.

The CG at this juncture called on the Ministry of Interior for support to achieve this feat, also appealing to the USA National Guard for support in the area of training of the Corps personnel.

He pensively revealed that a good number of State Governors have already approached the NSCDC for the presence the Agro Rangers Squad in their respective States, but this cannot pull through due to the short-fall currently experienced. He assured that there is work-in-progress to meet all the request.

General David Baldwin, Adjutant General of the USA National Guard, California, assured on the continued brotherly partnership with the Civil Defence, that he and his team have really enjoyed a sound working relationship with the NSCDC, and requested that such strong relationship should continue.

Baldwin promised that the National Guard will put in place training programmes that will build strong capacity for the Agro-Rangers. In addition, they will put up training programmes on both small and large scale, which will include the train the trainers package for the Corps.

General Baldwin revealed that in January, 2020, that they will surely deliver on their promise.

Representative of the United States Embassy, Security Governance Initiative Coordinator,

Douglas Black posited that his country will continue to give support to the NSCDC to up the capacity of the Officers and Men of the Corps in the discharge of their mandate.

Chiemela Evurunobi, Deputy Director, Planning Research and Statistics, Federal Ministry of Interior was full of praise for the NSCDC, charged General Baldwin and his team to really do their best possible, to assist the NSCDC as the records of the Corps’ Personnel in the discharge of their duties nationwide is very outstanding.

Chiemela affirmed that their continued assistance to the Corps will further up the capacity of the Officers and Men of the Corps. She posited further, that the Ministry of Interior will continue to give maximum support to the Agency to achieve fully their aspirations.

The Commandant General of the Civil Defence while appreciating the August visitors, apologised for not honouring the two invitations extended to him by General Baldwin to visit the US, promising that by October this year, he will honour the invitation.

During departure, Gana also hosted General Baldwin and his team at the Civil Defence Wonder Land where the NSCDC Band to the admiration of all present, played melodiously, the United States of America Marine Hymn.

DCC Emmanuel Okeh