Tony Elumelu on Stanley Uzochukwu, the CEO of Stanel Group

Press Release

“Today, I was visited by a mentee, Stanley Uzochukwu, CEO of Stanel Group, an emerging Nigerian Oil & Gas entity.
“I met Stanley in 2013 when he was just starting out and encouraged him to keep pushing and not give up on his dream.
“Today, Stanley came with his team to showcase his achievements since that conversation.
“It was both a teaching and learning moment for me as I introduced him to my own team at @HeirsHoldings.
“I was reminded about my own rise as an entrepreneur and I was inspired to share a bit more with everyone.
“First, remember when you are tired and want to rest that what you are building is not just about you but about changing the narratives. In turning around the then Standard Trust Bank we were driven by the zeal to make a generational statement and we did.
“Second, too many young entrepreneurs lack the discipline to manage success. Success demands a lot of discipline especially when you attain success very early in life.
“Third, you must be mindful of the fact that the same thing that led to your success is usually the very thing that brings organizations down. So managing a small business is not the same as managing a large one. You need to introduce some rigour into your processes and get advice so that you have a diverse and balanced perspective before making decisions.
“Congratulations to Stanley and his team. I’m proud of them all.”

Henry Uzochukwu