The Federal Fire Service is Prepared for the Safety of Citizens during the Yuletide Season.

The Controller General, Liman Alhaji Ibrahim has assured Nigerian of the preparedness of the Service in ensuring the safety of all Nigerians and to responsd to any emergency during this Yuletide season.

According to the CG, all the 12 Federal Fire Service Zonal Commands and the FCT Commands have been put on alert for quick response in the case of any emergency during this season of celebration.

The Controller General says all the Commands are equipped with modern fire fighting equipments and the well trained fire fighters ready to ensure the safety of all.
The CG has admonished Nigerians to be very safety conscious while celebrating and to avoid all tendencies that will result to fire outbreaks or create any other emergency. He also stated that since the beginning of the harmattan season the Service in all its Zonal Command has embarked on wide safety Sensitization of Nigerians, which he believes will go along way in reducing emergency situations during this season.

He therefore encouraged citizens to make available in their homes and vehicles, first aid fire fighting equipments like fire extinguishers and kitchen fire blankets, while they quickly call the Federal Fire Service in case of any emergency on the Headquarters emergency lines 08032003557, 112 or the State Commands emergency numbers given out by the Commands.
The Controller General wishes all Nigerians a safe Yuletide season.

DSF Ugo Huan
Public Relations Officer
Federal Fire Service.