The CG Fire Service expressed concern over recent fire incidents in Kogi.

The Controller General, Liman Alhaji Ibrahim has expressed deep concern over the recent unfortunate incessant fire incidents in Kogi State which has claimed lives and destroyed properties. The CG has also condole with families who lost their loved ones in one of the incidents that involved a fallen tanker as well as those who had their properties destroyed.

The CG has also received information of the fire of an electronic shop in Lokoja, Pee Link Electro World Ltd which occurred last night.

“The Federal Fire Service had deployed a modern fire truck to Kogi state last year to compliment the efforts of the Kogi State Fire Service as it has done in other States of the Federation. But unfortunately this year, the vehicle had an accident while turning out to the scene of a fallen tanker within the State. The accident led to the destruction of some parts of the truck which has affected our response to fire incidents in the State recently.”

The CG has assured that the truck which at the moment is under repairs with the contractor will soon be fixed and returned to State.

While noting that the Federal Fire Service presence in the State is to compliment the efforts of the State fire Service and is also in talks with the Government of Kogi State to help improve the State Fire Service.

The CG Liman has reiterated the commitment of the Federal Fire Service in the safety of lives and property.

DSF Ugo Huan