Sahara Reporters’ Publication On Aisha Buhari’s London Visit Is Tissue Of Lies – Group

Sahara Reporters’ Publication On Aisha Buhari’s London Visit Is Tissue Of Lies – Group

The Buhari Media Support Group (BMSG) hereby describes the story titled “Aisha Buhari Did Not See The President During Her London Visit” published by Sahara Reporters an online publication on June 13, 2017, as a tissue of lies aimed at ridiculing the President, his office, wife and officials working with him the statement is mischievous, malicious and wicked just as it is capable of bringing the office of the President to disrepute.

it is shocking that Sahara Reporters could descend so low to the point of being a harbinger of fake news.

“For the avoidance of doubt, President Buhari met and spoke with the 81 released Chibok girls before embarking on the second medical mission to London and it is evident that he spoke at the airport with officials of State before taking off. Both events were televised nationwide.

“It is therefore most uncharitable for Sahara Reporters to claim that the President lost his memory before travelling out of the country and could adduce any fact to its claim,” the group said.

the claim by Sahara Reporters that the President’s wife did not see him during her visit to London is another blatant falsehood.

“Sahara Reporters is now getting too personal and this is very unfortunate and dangerous because the visit of the wife of the President was a pure family affair.

“One wonders the sources that gave them this information when it is obvious the wife of the President met and spoke with her husband and even came home with the cheering news that the President’s health has improved and that Nigerians should keep praying for his full recovery,” the group said.

BMSG recalls that before returning from the first medical trip, Sahara Reporters put out stories which indicated that the President was a write-off on grounds that his health had degenerated such that he would not be able to function.

But few days after the doomsday publication, the President returned to Nigeria and stayed for 57 days before returning for the second lap of his treatment, which he (the President) had given advance notice of.

IT is unfortunate that Sahara Reporters relied on the information gathered from its so-called sources and did not speak with image makers of the President before embarking on the its campaign.

“Embarking on high level fabrications should not be the hallmark of Sahara Reporters. The Presidency remains one as evidenced by the free hand given to the Acting President to run the country while the President is away.

“The claim that a cabal or a few officials working for Buhari is holding the Presidency to ransom is far from the truth,’’ the statement said.

We urge Sahara Reporters to stick to the ethics of journalism practice in order to eschew malicious and tendentious reports that are capable of putting Nigeria on the edge, especially, now that the nation is making steady, but significant progress on all spheres of development.


Hon. Austin Braimoh (Chairman)

Chief Cassidy Madueke (Secretary)