Recent Bomb attacks and killings calls for stronger actions against all terror gangs

The recent massive suicide bomb attack at a viewing centre in Manadarari community in Konduga Local Government area of Borno State and other wanton  killings of innocent Nigerians by bandits in Shiroro community in Niger State as well as communities in Zamfara and Katsina States,  are clear indications that the battle against terrorism in Nigeria has assumed a frightening dimension both in frequency and casualty figures.

We are shocked that at a period security forces claim to be succeeding in clearing off the terrorists, these recent upsurges  in mayhem of armless defenceless  Nigerians  obviously raises serious security challenges beyond our imagination.  The Boko Haram and bandit attacks, increasing across the country requires quite urgent security agencies’ review with increased surveillance and prompt apprehension of suspects and their heinous plans.

We believe the Federal government can do more to protect lives and properties of all Nigerians. The recent disclosure by President Muhammadu Buhari that these attacks are being sponsored by politicians and religious leaders are weighty, but the government needs to go beyond disclosures by apprehending those identified to be the sponsors; prosecute them through judicial processes. When government keep lamenting over these challenges, what would be expected of ordinary citizens?

Recent incidents as witnessed in Katsina, Taraba, Yobe, Niger and Borno states, among others have exposed the fact that many communities do not only  lack  adequate security, but  medical facilities capable of offering quick responses to save the lives of injured victims of these attacks. Governments at all levels must take the issue of primary health care seriously and ensure that every community in this country has well equipped medical facilities to confront emergencies.

If Mandarari had such facilities, casualties may not be this high.

Our political leaders, especially Governors must show more commitment to good governance under which security of lives and properties is paramount. 

No responsible government, at any level, should condone these attacks. The citizens must not be left helpless in the face of these deadly attacks.

Government is responsible for the security of all citizens and these occurrences show clearly that our governments at all levels have not done enough.

Beyond the security agencies, citizens in all communities across the country must increase vigilance to identify suspects or potential suspects and report them to appropriate security agencies. While we condole with the families of the victims, we urge government to ensure all the victims are compensated just as we call for better welfare and weapons for our forces as they confront these terrorists