NSCDC to Prosecute Illegal Dealers of Petroleum Products Says GANA

Press Release

The perennial long ques at the filling stations is becoming worrisome and burdensome to commuters and traffic of inter and intra transportation systems in the country, this is caused by the annual scarcity of petroleum products at the filling stations as a result of the nefarious activities of hoarders, peddlers and other criminal elements who are using the opportunity to sabotage the effort of this government to give the people a hitch free yuletide season.
The Commandant General of NSCDC Abdulahi Gana Muhammadu entourage who went round the filling stations with his principal officers was visibly shaken with anger area. What he saw at the filling stations and environs, hence, he has decided to set up special task force to monitor and arrest those dealing illegally on the Petroleum product, involved in hoarding and diversion of the product in order to prosecute the illegal dealers of petroleum products and their accomplices whom he tagged “economic saboteurs” terrorists and enemies of the Nation.
Despite the consistent and continued reassurance of the Federal Government as issued by the Minister of State, Petroleum Ministry Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, who made it clear that the storage reserve of petrol in the depot is more than enough to last till the end of the yuletide. The scarcity of fuel continues to be fuelled by these cabals who will never see any good in the present government.
NSCDC boss has directed his officers and men to be weary of these cabals who could do anything possible to undermine the efforts of the present government, and create chaos and pandemonium that could rock the core mandate of the Corps. As the head of an interventionist agency, Gana is poised to pursue policies that will ensure peace, progress and development of the Nation.
In this regard, plans are already concluded to raid, seize and confiscate all the petroleum products found in the possession of these economic saboteurs and declare them as terrorists and enemies of the people.
The CG is also using this opportunity to praise and congratulate all the peace loving Nigerians to remain good citizens and law abiding in all their undertakings. He assured them that as the Defender of the defenceless”, that NSCDC will continue to do their best to protect, preserve and defend their Core mandate as enshrined in the Constitution.