The Commandant  General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC),  Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu, ably represented by the Assistant Commandant General, Yakubu Claudius, says it is imperative for all mankind to have unshakable faith in the Living God,  asserting that, the Nation of Israel was earmarked by God Almighty for a  special purpose.

This elating declaration was made during the NCPC courtesy visit to the NSCDC National Headquarters, Abuja.

Zonal Coordinator Abuja Metropolitan Office, Farry-Okuobeya Kohwo .E, highlighted that the core value of the NCPC is to encourage persons from all walks of life to embark on pilgrimage to the holy land Jerusalem in Israel.

Kohwo noted, that pilgrimage is a spiritual journey, pointing out that Israel is a blessed Nation and all who have contact with Israel are blessed.

She said it is important in one’s life time for one to visit the holy land Jerusalem.

The Coordinator explained that the fare for pilgrimage to Israel has been made in such a way that persons desiring to go on pilgrimage can do savings on installment basis before the due date of the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Head Mobilization NCPC, Sunny Udeh, posited that it is the will of God for Christians to embark on pilgrimage as it is one of the core belief of Christendom.

He referred to the holy Land as a special place where anyone can have contact with his or her Maker.

ACG Yakubu, expressed delight at the large turnout of Personnel at the chapel  where the courtesy visit cum worship and praise session was held.

Yakubu disclosed that he has gone on pilgrimage to Jerusalem and that the experience is unique,  explaining that the more one goes on pilgrimage one will always have different wonderful  experiences.

The Man of God affirmed that pilgrimage to Israel will lift ones morale, asserting vehemently, that it is imperative for all mankind to have unshakable faith in the Living God.

National Chaplain of the NSCDC, Commandant Shodeinde Taofeek Shehu noted, that God is at work in Civil Defence for bringing the NCPC to visit the Corps. He revealed that the Commandant General appreciates the request by NCPC for the Corps to nominate Personnel to visit the Holy Land this year, noting that over the years the Corps and the NCPC have a solid relationship existing between the two Agencies.