NEMA Advise Staff to End Stike Action

Press statement

The management of the National Emergency Management Agency is surprised to discover that the offices of the agency were shut down on Monday by the action of the staff union without any prior notice.

Reasons for the union action were later discovered to have arisen from issues that were already being addressed.

For instance, the Group Life Insurance for the staff has already been approved. This is beside the personal accident insurance that is also being worked out to cover the staff in the course of their duties.

It should be noted that current management initiated the process for a new condition of service for the staff which the Chairman of NEMA Governing Council has given a consent and even set up an Establishment Committee which is expected to come up with relevant recommendations. The committee has sat three times and received necessary briefings and would soon forward its report for consideration and approval by the council.

While the management in efforts to resolve issues of outstanding claims inherited from the past administration, constituted a committee that has been verifying staff claims and payment process have commenced for those cleared.

However, the issue of Emergency Responses Team allowances being canvassed by the union has no basis of approval from the salaries and wages Commission. The management do not desire to engage in any illegality. This has been severally communicated to the staff.

The management wishes to draw attention of the staff and stakeholders to note that the strike action embarked by the union is illegal and do not conform with any known labour law or norms. The management views the current action by union as deliberate attempt to sabotage the government.

Therefore, the union is hereby advised to discontinue the strike action as the management is open for dialogue on any issues of concern to the staff.

The management will continue to be resolute in its commitment to staff welfare and ensuring due process in the discharge of NEMA mandates.

Sani Datti
Head Media and Public Relations