NBMA Gives 7-Day Ultimatum to Importers of GM Seeds to Formalize Their Dealings

Director General/CEO of the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA), Dr. Rufus Ebegba has given importers of Genetically Modified Seeds (GM Seeds) a 7-day ultimatum to formalize their dealings or risk being shut down.

The DG who said this at a media conference in Abuja (today 5th April, 2018), noted that there is a current influx of illegal GM products in the country and urged dealers to obtain the necessary Biosafety permit from the agency before making such importation. This permit allows the Agency carry out risk assessments on GM Seeds.

Dr. Ebegba said the agency will not hesitate to prosecute those trading in GMOs and their by-products illegally. He noted that the Agency was established to ensure that GM products are safe for Nigerians as no product will be allowed into the country without the necessary safety analyses and risk assessments.

He recalled that there had been a meeting where potential importers were familiarized with the procedure to trade GMOs and their by-products.

The DG also stated that GM products in confined field trials will not be released to the market till they are confirmed safe to both human health and the environment.



Gloria Ogbaki

Head of Press