Mr. Mitchell Toomey Director-UNSDG, Action Campaign at Global Festival of Action SDGs Bonn Germany, Urged Participants to Be Humble in Service to Humanity

The Director,UNSDG,Action Campaign. Mr Mitchell Toomey has pointed out that, every individual has a way to change the world to a better place. He made this statement during the closing ceremony of the Global Festival of action on SDGs which ended 23-3-18 in Bonn Germany. Pointing out that every step one takes is a network that, if well harnessed will deliver good results, adding that, over 70years of UN service to the world, the backbone has been humility. He urged participants to be humble in service to humanity. Mr Toomey urged organisations and individuals working towards the achievement of the global goals to continue to do so without looking back, reiterating that, the UN is fully in support.

He said the UN has the tools and technology to support hence, there should be no impediment towards progress and asked participants to work as ambassadors of SDGs. Earlier, in her remarks, Ambassador Ingrid Jung, German Federal Foreign Office said, the German government is committed to complimenting UN support, for the better future of the planet, adding that, the government is working on variety of efforts, reducing illicit arms to enable security of all and to meet goals 16 and 4. She said gender is a cross cutting issue and pledged that, gender perspective must apply, women, she said, should be given chance and support to contribute actively to the development of the world. Ambassador Jung urged the UNSDG action campaign to continue to encourage the Global Festival of action on SDGs which she said is a viable platform for SDGs peer review.

1500 participants were in attendance from over 100 countries.


Janet McDickson,

AD /Head Communication