Kimberly-Clark Nigeria Commemorates World Breastfeeding Week with Huggies Hospital Sampling Programme

Supporting Mums by Sharing Practices that Protect Breastfeeding

Lagos, Nigeria, August, 2021 – Kimberly-Clark Nigeria, leader in baby care and essential feminine products, commemorated the World Breastfeeding Week through its Huggies Hospital Sampling programme, and training new mothers to protect breastfeeding, in line with the World Breastfeeding Day 2021 theme, “Protect breastfeeding: A shared responsibility”.

The special Huggies Hospital Sampling programme, which helps prepare mothers ahead for special moments with their little ones, worked in six (6) hospitals across key local government areas in Lagos state, and other hospitals across Nigeria notably in Anambra, Abia, Imo and Oyo states, Nigeria.

The global mother-infant health orientation week-long campaign was dedicated to informing, engaging, and galvanizing action on breastfeeding and related issues, while raising awareness about the importance of breastfeeding in the first 1,000 days.

The training in Lagos which took place at Ajegunle Primary Health Centre, CMS Primary Health Centre, Ilogbo Primary Health Centre, Elf Primary Health Centre, Ijede General Hospital, and Mushin General Hospital; Leo Health Centre, Oyo state and other health centres in the Eastern part of Nigeria advocated for full participation of healthcare centers in sharing the responsibility to protect breastfeeding, including practices to protect breastfeeding and emphasizing good hygiene and sanitation to keep children healthy. In attendance were nurses, senior hospital staff and Kimberly-Clark’s spokespersons.

Elaborating on the connection between hygiene and good breastfeeding for a child as a means to protect breastfeeding, Kimberly-Clark’s spokespersons spent some time explaining to nursing mothers that wet diapers are one of the best indicators that a baby is well hydrated. Medically backed by research, it was noted that, by keeping an eye on the number of diapers that a baby produces a day, a mother would be able to best respond to her child’s needs. This very well shows that diapers are important in the growth and development of newborn babies.

In addition, the choice of diapers can prevent or create discomfort, as certain materials in diapers cause skin irritation and diaper rash. Mothers were taught to spot quality diapers, since this affects babies’ comfort and influences receptivity to food. For example, super absorbent diapers may exacerbate diaper rashes as they trap moisture. As such, it is best to opt for a quality brand, like Huggies, which provides the most efficiency without substituting comfort.

Huggies has always believed in the powerful connection between mothers and their babies, and also recognizes that healthy development begins at birth. As such, parent company, Kimberly-Clark Nigeria through their baby diaper brand, seeks to educate and encourage expectant and new mothers who frequent the hospital, during their parenting journey, to embrace the use of quality diapers for their babies’ needs.