#Istandwithbuhari Terminates Appointment of Chief Ikeobasi Muokelu as Leader on Grounds Of Gross Misconduct and Political Sabotage .

Press Release

The management board of #iStandWithBuhari wishes to inform the general public of the immediate termination of the appointment of Chief Ikeobasi Muokelu (Former Minister of Information, Federal Republic of Nigeria) as leader of the movement, on grounds of gross misconduct and motives associated with political sabotage.

Following recent efforts made by #iStandWithBuhari to galvanize greater grassroots support for President Muhammadu Buhari and this administration in South-Eastern Nigeria, Chief Muokelu was brought on board to assist in achieving this singular goal as we believed he was in a position to use his experience as a former information minister to good use. His engagement had specified conditions attached to it, which among many included a strict code of ethics & conduct bearing in mind that this organisation owes its members the moral right of ensuring our activities reflect the character of the individual we stand with.

Sadly, Chief Moukelu has since his engagement gone against all spelt out agreements as stipulated in our contract with him, including engaging in actions that have brought disrepute to this movement and by extension the name of President Muhammadu Buhari. He has not only purposely sabotaged all efforts put in place by this organisation to execute pro-government programmes in the South-East aimed at helping gain more grassroots support for our President, but has also been exposed as constantly engaging in nocturnal meetings with members of the opposition in the zone with the aim of ridiculing all our efforts to ensure President Muhammadu Buhari does not win the Presidential elections in 2019.

As if these discreet revelations from our volunteers and investigative team were not damning enough, we have also been alerted to the report that Chief Muokelu has been approaching government functionaries in Abuja and some northern states claiming to be in-charge of running the affairs of #iStandWithBuhari and soliciting for funds and resources supposedly meant for use by the organisation.

We therefore wish to categorically state to the public that Chief Ikeobasi Muokelu has never run the affairs of this organisation, and does not in anyway represent the interests for which this organisation was set up. #iStandWithBuhari has never mandated Chief Ikeobasi Muokelu to solicit or collect funds or resources from any individual or organisation for any purpose.

For the avoidance of doubt, #iStandWithBuhari does not and will never solicit for financial assistance from any individual or organisation simply because we are not profit oriented. We have personally funded our operations since inception in January 2016 and we have no relationship whatsoever with any government establishment or the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our vocation is borne out of patriotism to see a better and corrupt free Nigeria. We are also not in need of an office in Abuja as we have been operating from our official complex located at #15 Lungi Street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Finally, the general public is advused to please note that any person still relating with (or planning to relate with) Chief Muokelu on behalf of #iStandWithBuhari does so at his or her own risk.

Thank you
Edward Oraka
FOR:Board of Trustees #ISTANDWITHBUHARI Movement