E.F. Network Ltd introduces Anti-theft application for protection against loss or stolen phones.

E.F. Network Ltd introduces the best Anti-theft application in the world-efphonetaxi. A spectacular app for protection against loss or stolen phones.

Nigeria’s government quest to make the country a digital economy has once again be boosted by a new app by E.F. Network Nigeria Ltd, a multi-national conglomerate. The company has introduced a unique Anti-Theft app into the Nigerian market on October 20, 2020, which is designed to protect phone owners against phone theft, re-sales of stolen smartphones, help retrieve and send the user’s stored contents (data) to the user’s email. It also locks the phone, prevents unauthorized access to stored pictures, videos, messages, or contacts of the phone owner. The app alerts the phone owner of any change of SIM card, monitors, and tracks the phone location including snapping pictures of criminals in possession, all these are forwarded to the subscriber’s email address. The owner of the phone will do all these remotely despite the phone being lost or stolen. Once the phone is locked remotely by the owner, buying that stolen or lost phone with efphonetaxi app is a mere waste of money.

The company advises those who installed the app on their phones to uninstall them before selling their phones legally, because the app may not allow the new owner to operate the phone without the password. The phone has many other functions which the company will not disclose openly to make it easier to recover lost phones.

The web-based internet technology provides a platform with other features that could prompt a missing phone to speak out, erase phone content, wipe out completely phone and memory card contents and even browse or forward the owners calls from lost phone to another phone number.

The Technical manager of the company, Mr. Kelvin Raymond said it could deter kidnapping since the device can help in tracking the kidnappers’ location.

Added further, that the unique app provides for a friendly pop up message to the person in possession of the phone to return the phone to the owner.

“Using the latest IOT and IA technology, efphonetaxi does not use battery since it does not poll any server to find out, He further added.

For customers to access the web-based platform, simple registration, and activation of the account is required on efphonetaxi.com.

EFphontaxi is a brand of E F Network, a multinational technology company, and a major global player in wireless/virtual technologies, broadband, cyber-security, home, auto, communication gadget, cloud services, and e-commerce. The paper learned that the company is launching new e-commerce by January that would revolutionize the way Nigerians shop.

The E.F. Network Ltd, Chairman Gideon Egbuchulam said, through research and development, the company will continue to introduce new technologies, and implement products for the benefits of the Africa continent. The company has also opened its incubation division in Abuja, which will be recruiting brilliant IT youths with vision or invention minded, who will benefit from their funding and assistance in bringing their visions or inventions to the world.

Mr. Egbuchulam who has traveled to over 32 countries in the world said, nowhere has he gone that can compete with the intellect of Nigeria youths, except the Nigerian youths do not have the platform to display their talents. That with given enabling environment Nigeria youths will make Nigeria the next Silicon Valley in Africa. Continuing, that almost all giant tech companies in the world are interested in the Nigeria market and that was the reason E.F. Network organization (EF Group) is recruiting over 1000 people by the end of 2020 to support talented youths.

Ameh Ochojila

Public Relations Officer

FOR: EF Network LTD