Discos working to minimize disruptions caused by heavy rain fall


 Many Nigerians are experiencing electricity service disruptions caused by the heavy rainfall of the last few days. Heavy rainfall and high winds common at this time of year can damage electricity lines and other installations. When that happens electricity services can fail or they can be switched off for safety reasons or to prevent permanent damage. Such service disruptions are not peculiar to Nigeria.

The Ministry of Power, Works and Housing and the Distribution Companies are working hard to restore services to affected customers and to minimize these seasonal disruptions across the country. An important part of these efforts are numerous ongoing projects to build new more resilient distribution lines and to reinforce existing ones.

Customers are therefore advised to report any service disruptions, or any observed damage to a distribution line, to the responsible Disco through the following customer care numbers and e-mail addresses:

  1. Abuja Disco 08150181818, 08150191919 info@abujaelectricity.com
  2. Benin Disco 08039012323, customercare@bedcpower.com
  3. Eko Disco 07080655555 and 08129928282-3, customercare@ ekedp.com
  4. Enugu Disco 08121020423 customerservice@ engudisco.com
  5. Ibadan Disco 09053698864, 09059000065 customercare@ iedc.com
  6. Ikeja Disco 07000225543 customercare@ikejaelectric.com
  7. 7 Jos Disco 07069403531 customercare@jedplc.com
  1. Kaduna Disco 08023335731, 08174035711 info@kadunalectric.com
  2. Kano Disco 07005555111 customercare@kedco
  3. PH Disco 07002255743 customercare@phed.com
  4. Yola Disco 09038853308 customercare@yedc.com


The Ministry of Power, Works and Housing and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, the industry regulator, are determined that Discos and all operators in the electricity industry continue to improve electricity supply to Nigerians.


Etore Efiom Thomas (Mrs.)

Ag. Director and Head, Press and Public Relation’s Unit