Consuming fruits ripened with carbide dangerous to health, – NAFDAC warns



NAFDAC hereby warns farmers and the General Public against the dangers of using calcium carbide for ripening the fruits such as Banana, Mango, Plantain, Oarange and Cashew.


Consumption of fruits containing calcium carbide causes cancer, heart, kidney and liver failure among other illnesses.


Naturally ripened fruits usually have brown or black sports while those artificially have traces of powdery substances and peel off quickly.


Ripening fruits and vegetables with calcium carbide is a criminal offence and perpetrators would be prosecuted.   The public is advised to report suspected cases to the nearest NAFDAC office or call 09094262773, 09094262772, 08133630600.


NAFDAC Safeguarding the Health of the Nation.


Signed:  Management.