Atiku’s Camp Task PDP on Transparent Primaries

The National Coordinator, Atiku Abubakar Media Vanguard (AAMV), Hon. Peresine Watchman has appealed to the Leadership of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to conduct transparent, free and fair primaries for its presidential aspirants.

Hon. Peresine Watchman who made the appeal while speaking with supporters and journalists in Abuja, today, September 6, 2018, said if the party’s presidential primary election was conducted in a transparent atmosphere, his Principal, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar would clinch the PDP presidential ticket to defeat any opponent in the 2019 general elections.

Peresine said there was need for the Leadership of the PDP and party faithfuls to welcome home the political bigwigs that defected from the All Progressive Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), but they should not celebrate their coming yet till the party Presidential ticket is given to Atiku, insisting that only Atiku’s emergence as PDP candidate will lead PDP to victory in the 2019 Presidential election.
He noted that since PDP has zoned the party’s presidential ticket to the northern Nigeria, Atiku is the most qualified and prepared PDP aspirant in the North.

He said “His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has formidable, genuine and visible political structures in the 774 LGAs in Nigeria, which other aspirants in PDP do not have. He has the resources and the political weight and connections to lead PDP to victory. He is generally acceptable in every part of Nigeria. He has met with Stakeholders and delegates of our great party (PDP) in all the States in the South South, Southeast, and other parts of the country, preaching restructuring Nigeria which we want as Nigerians to salvage Nigeria from balkanization.

“We like our party (PDP) and want it to take the centre, come 2019. That was the reason we as a support group of Atiku and members of PDP organised a national rally to tell the Leadership of our party to support the Waziri Adamawa, to concede the party’s ticket. I therefore urge all of you here present as supporters of the Waziri Adamawa and PDP faithfuls to send this strong message to our party delegates, especially the Governors who control the delegates and decide the fates of the masses, to think of our party and Nigerians first before their individuals’ benefits by supporting Dr. Atiku to get the party’s presidential ticket in transparent processes that will not bring division to the party”

Speaking further, Watchman, said “Atiku has a kind heart and a good road map to develop Nigeria. He genuinely believe in restructuring and has the political will to implement it. He will strengthen the unity of Nigeria and make provision for the safety of all Nigerians. He will appoint the youths into key positions in his government and provide job opportunities for Nigerians directly and indirectly, if elected president of Nigeria, come 2019.”

AAMV National Director of Contact and Mobilization, Hon. Bulletproof Otuaro who encouraged members to be steadfast in projecting and canvassing support for Atiku, said the Waziri Adamawa would ensure that the hope for all Nigerians would be rekindled and Nigeria would rise again to take her place of pride in the world.

Hon. Otuaro stated further that Nigerians would live in an economy that provides them the quality of life they deserve and the youths would have the opportunity to receive an education that sets the standard for all in Africa and the world under the administration of Atiku.


Hon. Peresine Watchman

National Co-ordinator

Atiku Abubakar Media Vanguard(AAMV)

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  1. Atiku the only solution for Nigeria
    Come 2019

    restructuring. Thus, explains the lack of forthrightness on
    the matter by this government. This is a failed promise
    that I intend on redeeming.
    Youth leader Atiku Media vanguard. AAMV

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