Akangba transmission sub-region experiencing consistent increase in its wheeling capacity

Due to constant rehabilitation and turn around maintenance of equipment in the last one year at Akangba Transmission Sub-Region in Surulere Local Government Area of Lagos State, there have been consistent increases in its wheeling capacity, just as the station would soon be transmitting One Giga Watt (1000MW), power in the sub-region.

This was disclosed by the Assistant General Manager of the sub-region, Engr. Anthony Dim, during the presentation of the sub-region to Journalists and staff of the Ministry on Wednesday 25th April, 2018 at the sub-region in Lagos, adding that it is one of the oldest transmission sub-station in the country, commissioned in 1968 with 4 x 90MVA transformers.

He further disclosed that rehabilitation and turn around maintenance of the station has increased flexibility in the operation of the sub-region as equipment can easily be taken in and out for regular maintenance.

Engr. Dim further revealed that very soon the sub-region would increase its wheeling capacity from 660MW to 1000MW, saying that a lot has been achieved in the sub-region as it presently has transformers of 4 x90MVA, 2 x 180MVA and 1 x 300MVA capacities.

He gave the assurance that once the 300MVA Transformer is installed, the sub-region would achieve the target of 1000MW wheeling capacity, which would increase power supply to Eko DisCo’s franchise areas.

Earlier, the Team was at the Ikeja West Transmission Sub-Region, Ipaja Ayobo, Lagos State, where the Assistant General Manager, Engr. Akintola Mojeed, had disclosed that the region supplies power to Ikeja, Ibadan and Eko DisCos as well as transmits over 300MW to Benin Republic, under bi-lateral agreement between Nigeria and Benin Republic.

Engr. Akintola further revealed that due to ongoing rehabilitation works at the Region, couple with replacement of the state of the art equipment like Isolators, Control Panels, and installation of 300MVA transformers, the sub-region was able to increase its wheeling capacity from 750MW to 1050MW.

The media team equally visited the Ejigbo Transmission sub-station and the Nigeria Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) where work is ongoing on the remodeling of Engineering and Chemical Unit.


Etore E. Thomas

Ag. Director (Press)