A Tribute To 60 Outstanding Icons That Have Shaped Film And Video In Nigeria

Abuja, 1st October 2020

On this special day of Nigeria’s 60th Independence, the National Film and Video Censors Board launched a special book, a compendium celebrating 60 trailblazing icons in the Nigerian film and video industry that have transformed the landscape of filmmaking in Nigeria. These icons, and many other players in the film industry, showcased their unique talents, scaled new heights, and propagated positive values of unity and solidarity through film.

The compendium titled “60 Icons that Have Shaped the Nigeria Film and Video Industry” is filled with insights on Nigeria’s journey in the film & video industry. “By showcasing icons cutting across industry value chain, ethnic affiliations and religion, the book will remind its audience of our great heritage in the Film and Video Industry, and will foster a sense of community and solidarity”, says the Executive Director

It also outlines key efforts of the board and celebrates the contributions of 60 key players throughout the film and video value chain. Furthermore, the compendium will commend their outstanding efforts of synergizing with NFVCB to lead the industry to where it is today.

“Films and videos empower us to bring life to stories and positively shape how they are perceived by the audience” says Alhaji Adedayo Thomas, the Executive Director of the National Film and Video Censors Board, who provides an opinion editorial in the compendium.

Moreover, the Compendium also highlights notable progress in the journey of Nigeria’s film and video industry pivoted on the regulatory interventions of NFVCB.

In his words, “At NFVCB our invisible supervisory role in curating content to reflect our shared values of togetherness and harmony makes us a strong driver for unity and progress in Nigeria. Our mandate of combating piracy, supervising content and enhancing the integrity of the output of the exceptional talent across Nigeria cannot go without mention”

For those whose names are not in the book, the Executive Director acknowledges their efforts and commend their immeasurable contribution to propagating values of unity and compassion. He remarked, “Books cannot contain the accolades and praiseworthy contributions of many of these players. To commemorate the 60th independence, it was fitting to select 60. However, we salute everyone’s dedication and contribution to Nigeria’s film and video Industry towards our collective unity”.

Finally, he stresses the importance of unity through diversity, in his words “Let’s celebrate our 60th national independence with love, strength, and faith. Long live Nigeria, one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.”

Chika Iwueze
Head, Corporate Affairs Unit