3000 Women Economically Empowered by Victims Support Fund in Adamawa State

Victims Support Fund (VSF) in furtherance of the execution of its programmes in the Northeast has flagged off the 2017 Women Economic Empowerment Project in Gombi Adamawa State. The project is designed to assist women who are household heads to become financially independent through cash grant to support the setting up of income generating activities.

The VSF elected to scale up the programme financially and numerically targeting more women in communities where returns have been possible. In 2017, 3000 women have benefitted from this project in Adamawa State while 2016 saw 2000 women beneficiaries. The 3000 selected beneficiaries will receive N30,000 each with which they will start income generating activities.

Additionally, the 2000 2016 beneficiaries have been formed into small scale producer groups also known as Community Self-help Groups (CSGs). The CSGs will be established in larger enterprises such as grain mills, oil mills, textiles and other cottage industry type businesses. The enterprises will be jointly run and managed by members of each CSG.

Victims Support Fund in executing its programmes continually strives to restore livelihood and engender financial independence among women victims of insurgency.

Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope…