From their company headquarters in Utako, Abuja on the 4th of December, 2019, capacity building company, 101 Training Company, launches the Orchestr8 initiative, presenting the service as the new, all-encompassing and highly-anticipated go-to as far as preparation for the labour market is concerned.Orchestr8 is a leading human capital development product initiative whose aim is to drastically cut down the unemployment rates in Africa, starting from Nigeria. Its design and development is inspired by two things – the need to address growing situation of having more and more unemployable people graduate from universities (or drop out from schools) and fill the streets, hopping from interview to interview. The second inspiration comes from the desire to properly position persons with interests in foreign admissions and/or furthering education, according to what works in the world out there, thus eliminating the time, mental, financial and emotional efforts it takes to face repeated rejections.Orchestr8 builds from several rationales: the difficulty to get job placements, the difficulty to get jobs that offer pay commensurate to skill level, the mass deficiency in ICT-compliant job candidates, the mass ignorance of what is really expected from a job position and the carrying out of that job, the fact that the Nigerian (and African) labour market is not progressive and may be overwhelmed by new workplace innovations if care is not taken, the difficulty to secure admissions, the difficulty to discover career path and head towards it, the difficulty in finding a job that truly matches one’s career goals and passions, the difficulty to create time to fix one’s professional brand up, the difficulty of HR companies and HR departments of companies to sort out the wheat from the chaff, and the difficulty of admissions boards of universities to select the best candidates. In one brilliant package, Orchestr8 is designed to position clients in such a way that all of these difficulties are alleviated for them.In a heartfelt moment, speaking at the 101 Training Company Headquarters, the CEO, Mr. Abubakar Abdullahi stated that, “many competent and qualified employees are lost in the pool of unemployable workforce while many CEOs and HR Managers are finding it difficult to locate competent and skilled employees.” He went further by putting some statistics in context, highlighting the problems Orchestr8 was created to solve. “Nigeria currently records unemployment rates of 23.1% (Q3, 2018), up from 18.1% of Q4, 2017, and underemployment figures of 20.1%. This is a combination of 43.3% of employable Nigerians trapped in situations where they are severely disfavoured by the Labour Market. These figures are continuously threatened by the fact that Nigerian universities churn out an average of 700,000 graduates yearly, and per annum, an average of 450,000 jobs are created across all sectors.“Over 250,000 young graduates are now left uncatered for, and this staggering figure adds cumulatively to the numbers that exist in the previous years, and, except through a heavy stroke of luck or grace, the chances of these disenfranchised groups getting a job diminishes by the day, as the nature of this labour market adjusts itself on several basis, which many times is unfavourable,” he pointed out.According to the founding members of the organisation, the inspiration to design and establish Orchestr8 is the reformation of the idea of receiving helps from “the middle man”, turning it into a unique interconnected slew of product offerings, that provides significant clarity in career direction for product users; attractive, and industry-specific Curriculum Vitaes; Smart Profiling (digital and otherwise) that favours necessity, cleanliness, and minimalism, over stuffing and haphazardness; Professional resumes that leans more on the goal than on the person; and Interview coaching, cutting across all aspects from preparation, dressing, conduct, aura.According to the Orchestr8 team, “systems are in place to Orchestr8 over 3,500 persons in its debut year, and is inviting Nigerians from all works of the country who have been desperately looking for how to land that dream job, who are at a loss at what the future holds for them in academia or career-wise, who need help applying to schools, who want to be better positioned to attract the quality of job or education they believe they are worth possessing, and who desire to improve their state of being as it pertains profession to walk up to their doors, which are wide open, and make their requests.”Orchestr8 operates on the back of 101 Training Company, a subsidiary of The Corporation Global Integrated Projects– a conglomerate equipped with a cross-cutting sea of expert thinkers, managers, creatives and businessmen across the globe. 101 Training Company is a leading business process improvement and management consulting firm in Africa, purposed towards helping organizations to be significantly more efficient, effective and financially profitable, offering best practices business optimization solutions to implement address process, technology & organizational improvements.To reach Orchestr8, visit orchestr8.101training.co or go to any of 101 Training’s Social Media handles. Simply search “@101TrainingNG”.You can also call +234 (0) 704 117 7776, or email at office@101training.coSigned,Ademola Abidoye,For Orchestr8